New Team? No Problem.

All of us have new teams of instructors after a global pandemic. Current instructors have changed, new instructors are being introduced and some of us are even taking on a new role altogether with a new facility. I provide and describe the 3 P’s of People, Plan and Purpose that I believe will set you apart as a leader for your team to build energy and accountability for your team now and into the future.

Digital or Not?

Whether you went digital during the pandemic (and are deciding whether or not to keep it) or you’re considering adding it to your offerings the answer is YES!

In this webinar we will discuss why providing digital offerings is essential and review some of the game-changing possibilities digital classes can offer.

How do I Find Instructors?

Instead of waiting for instructors to hopefully find you, it’s much more beneficial to implement the right strategies to find THEM!

Hiring new instructors has also changed in this new world. In this webinar, I share strategies to ensure you’re not just finding any instructors, but the RIGHT instructors.

Best Practices for Virtual Group Fitness Instructors

In this interview-style video training, you’ll hear from a panel of experts on the best tips and tricks for virtual group fitness instruction, including the most effective ways to use technology to elevate your participants’ experiences, how to create exercise programs that resonate with a virtual audience, and how to use proper cueing and motivational strategies to keep your participants safe and engaged through the screen.