Staci Alden helps Group Fitness Managers find the answers they need to lead and succeed with their teams.

At the ripe old age of 23, Alden was handed the reins to a Group Fitness team of over 100 Group Fitness instructors and a few Private Pilates teachers for a luxury health club with multiple locations in Seattle, Washington. Through her 10 years as a Group Fitness Manager, Alden supported several instructors with advancing their careers to become master instructors for companies like Balanced Body, HIGH Fitness and Schwinn. Alden increased overall attendance in classes, department revenue and instructor retention. Alden also implemented a successful in-house Pilates training program and built an effective digital Group Fitness strategy during the global pandemic.


Alden could not help but notice the fitness industry’s abundance of education, tools and resources for Group Fitness Instructors, while providing very little for Group Fitness Managers. She began writing for publications like the IDEA Fitness Journal and the American Council on Exercise. Alden’s first experience speaking as a presenter was in 2019 at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. She has since had the opportunity to speak both virtual, in person and hybrid at conferences like IHRSA, DCAC and Athletic Business. Alden also enjoys teaching longer form training as a Barre and MOTR Master Instructor for Balanced Body.


Alden has made it her life’s work to be the person Group Fitness Managers can go to and to support club operators who understand the success of their Group Fitness means the success of their club.


Alden lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and their energetic Australian Shepherd. When she’s not working on Group Fitness, she can be found exploring in the woods, baking cookies, or making jewelry.


Staci’s Other Expertise and Experience Includes:

  • Group Fitness Instructor Management
  • Group Fitness Instructor Hiring Resources, Onboarding and Consistency Protocols
  • Group Fitness Multi-Program Management and Programming
  • Group Fitness Business Development
  • Virtual Class Program Creation and Execution
  • Group Fitness Studio Design